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(FLV) Black tea

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct

Used in 82 recipes at an average of 0.943%.


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Simple grape tea recipe . Nice as shake and vape but best after 2 weeks steep as FLV tea come out and blend perfectly with the grape . lemonade helps giving more juiciness to the recipe and pink fruit smooth a bit the acidity of the grape. Sweeten and ice to taste

A very addictive sweet tea lemonade with a touch of peach.

Sweet tea TPA and Black tea FLV make up the tea base. Its actually a great flavor combo for anyone making teas. Got the idea from ID10T off Noted if i remember right. This combo gives good body to the vape, not being to thin.
Lemonade LA and Lemonade FW are my favorite lemonade combo right now. Lemonade LA is the power house that brings a tart/sour lemonade and Lemonade FW brings in more flavor closer to the lemonade I like.
Wanted a authentic peach so I went with Peach INW and Peach FLV, together they create a sweet peach syrup like a store bought peach tea.
Sweeten and add your cooling agent of choice, but I like this were i placed everything
Shake n Vape Certified.
Tested in Kayfun 5, 20 watts.

Jen Jarvis asked if I would like to make a fantasy based mix for her show. This is part of a multi show series she is doing. It sounded like so much fun, I was happy to take part. I decided to base a flavor off of Sephiroth from FF7. He is dressed in black and grey, reminding me of a black tea. What goes well with black tea, but some honey. I enjoy floral teas as well; enjoying rose, I decided to add that. Most of all, I enjoy ice cream. So how about an amalgamation of all this! I decided to make a rose water, black tea ice cream with honey.

Took the melon tea idea from Wayne, and adding FLV black tea from another user...I can't remember though. I think it was called paradise - I loved the idea and I had 100ml of JF Honeydew that I couldn't manage to use. Turned out I was using it way too low. Here's what happened.

Dragonfruit tea with a slight hint of strawberry. The WS-23 is optional I just prefer my tea over ice.

TPA Dragonfruit: Is my preferred Dragonfruit and using it at 4% helped it shine through in this recipe the way I wanted it to.

INW Shisha Strawberry: I choose it because its one of the few strawberries I can taste after a few weeks steep. I used it at 1.25% so it would over run the dragonfruit, but still come through enough that you would know its there.

My Tea combo: I went with Black & Red Tea, Red is super earthy but not very leafy to me, and Black is more leaf than earthy teaness. So put them both in at 0.75% to get a balance of both earthy and leafy tea notes.

Like I said above the WS-23 is completely optional I've just been into cooler vapes here as of late and really liked this better with it added.

Doesn't really need a steep around day 3-5 the fruit will be more present but it is super tasty off the shake.

Please rate and review it you mix it.

This is an end of the day fruit tea that you drink as you watch the sunset. During summer vacations growing up we would go to visit my grandparents in NC , we would go and pick peaches for our SWEEEET fruit tea. This is my take on that tea
FLV Black tea - is my current favorite black tea , it is solid and not overpowering with a light drying effect that you get from tea. It is less earthy and dark then FA and has a slight floral note that works really well in a sweet fruit mix tea.
FA white peach/CAP juicy peach - my perfect peach mix of a ripe sweet peach - with some juiciness in it.
FA Blood orange - This combo adds some acidity and brightness to mix along with some sweetness. red orange is a slightly deeper orange note that works well with the peach and tea as opposed to a a more orange juice flavor that works better in cocktails.

flv milk and honey adds a base dark sweetness to this almost like a darker honey and helps to add some body to this mix and softens some of the tannin aspect of the tea
ADD TO YOUR TASTE sorbet - add a slight cooling with citrus and mint which is noted at the end of the vape. sweetner to taste - I like my tea to be SWEEET! best vaped at a slighter higher wattage ( 50 watts or so) to gain some of the darker notes from the black tea

Looking to learn more about how to make your own mixes - Check out what DIY Downunder has to offer:

I love how the flavors work with each other in this recipe.

The 2 to 1 ratio between the green and black tea is the perfect combination of warm body and cool green and minty notes.
Ginger and Honey Bee works both sides adding dimension, spice and floral notes to the tea blend and the apple, which sits in the back to brighten up the entire mix

Little Bit of Paradise Tea
Brief Description:
This citrus forward fruity black tea vape. I have been wanting spring to start here in NYC so while dealing with the snow outside, I was dreaming of sipping something like this on a hammock somewhere sunny and warm.
Hibiscus (CAP) 3% / Black Tea (FLV) 1.5%:
The tea is a lighter element to this mix. I like the Black Tea flavor tho its really close to a sweetened tea. I wanted to help back it up and make it blend better with some of the citrus elements found in Hibiscus.
Pink Guava (FLV) 1% / Pineapple (INW) 2% / Lychee (FE) 0.75%:
The Pink Guava is definitely the more dominate note. One of the things it boost this recipe to make it feel more like a tea is upping the astringent element drinking tea provides. Black Tea already does that some. I have been wanting to find a good recipe to use this Lychee flavor in for a while. Its an excellent lychee flavor. Its pretty strong even in lower % so be careful. Since this was a bit sweeter than I wanted, I then used Pineapple to add a nice tropical citrus. Came out delicious. The flavor will stick to your coils for a little bit.

I tried this right after mixing it and was pleasantly surprised how close it felt to drinking a tropical fruity tea. After a few days, it really blends together well and mellows out enough that it isnt as much of a guava punch to the tastebuds.

Mango is my absolute favorite fruit and I love mixing with it and trying to find that perfect mango vape. If you are a fan of mango and looking for a great summertime recipe then give this beauty a mix.

I wanted to try something a bit different from my usual recipes and my new bottle of FLV Black Tea was sitting on the shelf looking lonely so I thought why not?

Id10-t tackled this profile quite a while ago with a simple and pretty tasty mango iced tea recipe, however, I felt it a bit too linear and a touch harsh on the throat. Not to mention FA Black Tea, although not horrible, leaves a lot to be desired.

I decided I wanted the mango part to be more along the lines of a nectar/puree, so I used a combo that I have really been digging lately, FLV Mango at 1% and SC Mango at 2% is low enough to let the other flavors shine through, yet provides a nice full mango nectar. If you don't have SC Mango yet, do yourself a favor and buy it! It is an amazing flavor and my current favorite. Its only downfall is that its susceptible to a bit of fading after a few days so it is best as a SnV. FLV Mango is there to bolster the SC and contribute some of its brighter citrusy top notes.

FLV Black Tea provides a nice sweet and mildly complex tea base and has become one of my new favorite flavors. 1.5% provides a good level of tea flavor to the recipe. Bump up to 2% if you would like the tea to be a bit more apparent.

CAP Hibiscus is another great flavor and it pairs very nicely with the mango, adding a nice twist to this recipe. 1.5% brings the flavor up enough to compliment the mango and black tea while providing a nice syrupy sweetness to the profile.

TFA Strawberry at 1% is mainly here to ensure this recipe is as smooth as silk. Also, strawberry is a wonderful pairing choice for mango and even at a fairly low 1% compliments the mango and hibiscus wonderfully.

I add 1.5-2% WS-23 30% but if that is too much please feel free to take it down to your preferred level.

I have really been digging Ricks Sugar Daddy sweetener since I started using it. In fact, I don't use anything else anymore because this stuff is amazing! It's about the same potency as TFA Sweetener so I don't believe 1% is absurd by any means but feel free to sub your preferred sweetener or remove it completely as the recipe is fairly sweet on its own.

I enjoy this recipe right off the shake but if you let it sit for a day or two, the tea and hibiscus will pop out a bit more as the mango fades slightly.

I really hope that some of you are able to mix this up ☺ It's a perfect vape for summertime cocktails on the patio or just lounging in the sun.

Refreshing slightly spiced Thai Iced Tea. ideal for this summer.
Simple, sweet and sensational aromas packed in this refreshing mix.

Most ingredients speak for themselves but the new kid on the block is Lemon Wedge from FLV, A real fruit lime that is crisp and bright with strong notes of both juice and skin.
RF-SC Baja Soda is a lemonish sparkling aroma, one of their best soda aromas.
FLV Thai Chai is a rich Thai tea flavor filled with cream, toasted coconut, and spiced tea. Thai Tea is made from strongly-brewed black tea, often spiced with ingredients such as star anise, crushed tamarind, cardamom, and occasionally others as well (often making this beverage a favorite among masala chai tea fans).

Add (more) sweet and/or cooling at your liking.

s/v 24 hours rest but perfect in 3 days, enjoy

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