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(FW) Sweetener

By: Flavor West (FW)
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Used in 1913 recipes at an average of 0.941%.


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Recipe modeled after Hold Fast: Jaws
Made on InTheMix Podcast: The One With the Clones
Link Here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sq4FLxSEJw


Lady Killer 70/30 Lemon Square Dank Dank
Inspired by: Dinner Lady, and Darren Cole
"Man I'm a lady killer, if I want her I'm a steal her. I promise I could make her fly away like a caterpillar. So if you don't know by now, then you should probably get familiar."

I really just wanted something different than all the dinner ladies out there. Here is my take on a lemon square tart thingy dank dank.


Bird Food: (Berry, Cheesecake, Granola) 70/30 Berry inhale, Cheesecake, Granola exhale.
"That's the last song you'll ever sing.
Held him down, broke his neck,
Taught him a lesson he wouldn't forget. But in my dreams, began to creep, that old familiar tweet tweet tweet."

No substitutions, this is my take on Berry, Cheesecake, Granola

Thank you and enjoy!


First recipe posting here, hopefully others enjoy it. I was looking for a good Bavarian Creme Doughnut and I looked for a bit and couldn't find much. There were a couple of things that were simple that I mixed up and didn't care for. I decided to make this my first mix. I am aiming for biting into the center of the doughnut here. The ooey, gooey center bite that results in a super creamy feel.

Zeppola/YC/Joy: This is the doughnut base. Zeppola is one of my favorites here. I tried TPA - Frosted before this and it just didnt fit right. There was something off, or artificial with it. I've tested this as a doughnut base, and it gives me a "Fresh fried doughnut" feel; slightly yeasty as well. This is my base I use for many doughnuts now.

Bavarian Cream/French Vanilla Creme/SC/Meringue/VC: This is my Bavarian Cream. The custard/meringue combo gives me a slightly thicker cream. I tried without those, and it felt too "watered" down.

The chocolate glaze: DCC. This is use lightly, as I just wanted it as a thin glaze.

I was asked how the vape experience was, and this was my reply: Its got a strong fried doughnut taste on the inhale and beginning of the exhale. Then its followed by the Bavarian cream/semi creamy flavor, with a very slight chocolate at the end of the exhale. It's a pretty thick and dense vape. Very flavorful. A couple of people have commented on the fact that the French Vanilla is so high, but it is not as strong after the steep; gets toned down by the other flavors in the mix. The doughnut taste lingers on the tongue, with a little bit of the cream as well.

If you want a little more balance, more even texture/doughnut to cream feel, you can drop the Bav Cream down to about 1% or so and drop the french vanilla cream down to about 1.5%. This adds more of a texture and balance to the mix.

Good PieLot 70/30(BluePielot Simplified)(remix)
This is my take on Stewart's Blueberry Pie in the Sky Ice Cream.
Thank you and enjoy!

This is Absolutely Amazing after 1 week


After a few attempts to get this right, it has become extremely tasty after 1 week steep. A cakey, iced, cheesecake cupcake with whipped cream.

The base: used here with FW Yellow cake and cap vanilla cupcake V2 give the recipe that delicious cup cake flavor.

The Background: using LA Cream cheese icing and some TPA Sweetener help with the entire cupcake experience

The Accent using: TPA Cheesecake graham crust, CAP NY Cheesecake V2 along with TPA Sweet cream and CAP Vanilla whipped cream give that full cheesecake taste and feel.
Please leave any comments if you choose to mix my recipe.


This is a simple Milkshake. With only 4 flavors to work with one from each vendor. I had to make this as tasty as possible. So here is what I used
1.BLUEBERRY FW- This is a great blueberry and at 5% gives off a great flavor of blueberry but not to overpowering in the recipe.
2. Cap Sugar Cookie- I used this as the texture that would give this Milkshake the Malted Flavor feel. Honestly might have used Cream fresh instead but like I said limited to 1 flavor from each company I felt this would give the body needed to make the recipe without sacrificing flavor.
3. TFA VBIC at 4% gives off that nice vanilla ice cream taste that you need in a Milkshake.
4. FA Vienna Cream- to me this is the star of the show at 1.5% really brings in that creaminess as well as the nice vanilla Cream flavor,
Enhancer - FW Sweetner at .75% adds to the sweetness to make this recipe stand out. It really makes the blueberry pop.
@MatthewKocanda this is my recipe for our little comp.

I've been tinkering with this S'mores flavor since I started DIY, trying to get something close to the flavor of Sammie Puffs (Smax/RNR White), since none of the vape shops seem to carry it anymore. I like the Loaded S'mores (Ruthless) but it's missing something.

The first batch is steeping now, I'll post updates as it goes!

peanut butter pudding. covered in caramelized apples topped with cinnamon and sugar crumbs.
MIX @ 30PG/70VG
I use 1.5mg Nicotine

the combination of the fw yogurt and tfa peanut butter created the sense of a pudding. the lightness of the yogurt without a strong sour note mixed with the heavy peanut butter evens itself out to a smooth pudding like essence.

fuji apple and strawberry ripe combined with each other as the apple is more prominent. the combo brings a beautiful gel flavor but does not take away from crisp and wholeness of the apple chunks.

fw dulce de leche offers a caramelized flavor to the combo of strawberry ripe and fuji apple. i feel this is the best additive to give a true caramelized flavor to the mix. i tried many caramels or butterscotches and the fw version of dulce de leche gave this the perfect flavor.

of course without a cinnamon crumb topping mixed with white sugar and cinnamon. The sweetener and cinnamon danish swirl v1 was the perfect ingredient to top off the mix.

it seems i did a big flavor bend with strawberry ripe @ 5% it gave many notes and assisted the entire mix without identifying itself as a predominant flavor note. that 1 ingredient i feel assists the creaminess of the pudding, then added to the apple to help complete this original profile.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did since its creation it has been a ADV for me. I only use drippers and it has been a beautiful mix to enjoy the past weeks.

this can be used as a shake and vape but i found after the 4th day the peanut butter stands out more and more. After 2 weeks i have found no more flavor note changes to my personal taste

This recipe has been entered in a contest: Beginner Blending MIXXED Round 1

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