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Holy Grail with caramel and raisin note. Steep it 1-2 days and it is ready. Enjoy!!

A simple RY4 tobacco with raisin recipe meant for Mouth to Lung devices. Made on Live Mixing

Creamy, kicky and smokey. After a week or two steep I feel the flavours merge better. In a direct lung this is quite strong and the chai masala has a distinct clove type flavour which is really not for everyone!

A sweet and smokey tobacco, with hints of vanilla and Honey 👌

Nothing fancy, but sure is delicious.

Your Defence of the Dark Arts teacher has been drinking butterbeer and smoking a pipe... The essence of wizardry clings to his beard. This is no scent you will ever smell among Muggles. A smoky take on Harry Potter's Butterbeer.
For a smokier version you can also take the Grail up to 10% and drop the Cream Soda down to 5%
A non-smoky and more authentic Version 2 will be forthcoming... Wizard's Beer.


Rich vanilla custard, drizzled with Carmel, and blended with a bit of sweet tobacco.

My all day vape simply flavor all I can say 2 wk steep minimum nothing ground breaking smooth velvety caramel, vanilla and light tobacco every flavor working to complement each other. ... No substitutes

Holy Grail RY4 and Holy Vanilla with caramel,butter cream, pudding and pistachio. Steep 7 days. Enjoy!


This is my ctrl-z recipe. I enjoy developing complex and rough tobacco profiles but every now and then I need a reset as vaping "put-hair-on-your-palms" tobaccos can be quite taxing. This is an old favourite of mine that I keep coming back to... Especially when I am on a losing streak with my tobacco recipe development. So thats actually pretty damn often XD.

Ctrl-z is a simple ruyan 4 styled dessert profile with light tobaccos tones, a rich, smooth caramel top note and a custard base so moreish-ly dense and creamy, you almost have to chew before you inhale.

The Ruyan tobacco layer is made up of DIYFS Holy Grail RY4 and MB Melty Caramel. This combination makes for a rich and smooth caramel layer with light tobacco highlights. It creates almost a Caramel treat like quality which I absolutely adore.

The silky, smooth bourbon vanilla tones of DIYFS Holy Vanilla helps to smooth out the texture even further and helps to round out the caramel layer, which otherwise comes accross slightly linear.

For the dessert base I used FA custard premium. Not just because its a wonderfully smooth custard with loads of mouth feel and weight but also because its vanilla tone is the least intrusive which is very important in this specific profile because I really want the Holy vanilla to take the spot light.

This recipe is fantastic off the shake but it takes a week or so to really develop texture.


thanks shyndo, the eggnog was a great addition. i just wanted to add a little more volume

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