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(CAP) Sweet Mango

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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My take on the fresh juicy tropical mix. Sweet pineapple and mago rounded with a touch of papaya and guava. Dragon fruit blends all the flavours together nicely.

This is basically Cottee’s orange and mango cordial. Yeh boi.


This is a bright and natural mango paired with yellow peach, infused into a lemon lime soda
Inspired by Staybert - Citrasperry Soda

Heavily diyordie influenced. All credit goes to Wayne Walker / DIYORDIE. I just took Wayne's Blood Mango Ice recipe, left out the ice, and raised the %'s up a little. And I've gotta say that this is Pretty...Pretty.....Pretty............Pretty Good!

Cap super sweet at 0.2% or 1 drop per 20mls. Mix at whatever nicotine strength, pg/vg ratio, or cap super sweet % needed to your liking. Enjoy!

Tropical, sweet & creamy. Mango & Guanabana make a great pair. I like to use WF Island Mango and add a touch of Cap Sweet Mango to it because its also very good but it's in a more realistic way, tastes almost like mango skin, it's just such a rich flavor, it needs to be in small percentages so it doesnt take over. At this low % it just surrounds Island Mango instead and helps it to create a fuller mango flavor. I've tried adding creams in this recipe, because Guanabana is a creamy fruit, but most creams didnt taste right in this mix, so instead I went with Fruit Smoothie and I think it really worked good as a background in this. Actually Flav Cream goes pretty well with these. I added Golden Pineapple to help the Guanabana pop (Guanabana sort of has a banana
/pineapple taste to it). I also added Strawberries & Cream to give a little more creaminess... Yeah so I like this one so far. This is the first recipe I've posted on here. I only saw, I think like 2 Guanabana recipes on this site, so I figured I'd post mine, (Edit: And then I actually searched the site and saw the 800 guanabana recipes I missed lol!) If you've never tried FLV Guanabana (Ive always called it the real fruit, a Charamoya), I really recommend it. Great flavor for the summer!
Feedback appreciated. Enjoy.

Ps you can add tpa Papaya at like 2%. I think that mixes well in this as well. I really was hoping I posted a good recipe for my first post. I may have jumped the gun on this. I really thought there were no Guanabana recipes on this site that's the main reason I went with posting this recipe originally lol


A simple strawberry mango guava with some serious chill. Add sweetener to taste.

Pinapple peach mango...... 🍍 πŸ‘ πŸ₯­
This is my daily fruit mix..... sometimes I leave the mint out.

This is my first take on a Juicy Blood Orange Peach. I hope you enjoy!

I paired up Fa white peach with Inw peach for the main peach flavor. FW blood orange is to give the Peach more of a fuller orange flavor. I wanted to taste the actual color orange as well on the peach. Cap's sweet Mango blends the peaches with the blood orange. Cap sweet Guava gives you a Juicier and fuller vape experience. And finally cap super sweet is optional, but recommended at 0.2%.

Ten words for a description muh fuckA we lit af

This peach mango and guava is a simple sweet juicy fruit mix. none of the flavors really stand out from each other but combined create a great ADV. Adding 1% mango (6%) creates a mango top note. Super sweet can be dropped to 0.5% any less and I get a slight bitterness from the peach.
Many of my friends also all day vape this recipe. its my most popular recipe to date.
SHAKE AND VAPE no steep required 60/40 is good in my sub ohm tank. 50/50 is good for MTL devices but I increase all by 25% (eg. Sweet mango 5% x 1.25 =6.25%)
My mtl mix is 6mg free base for a bit of throat hit and 10mgNS (smooth) to top it up. To me free base gets harsh over 6mg

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