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(CAP) Golden Pineapple

By: Capella (CAP) - Buy Direct
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Used in 2322 recipes at an average of 2.456%.


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Mixed Live with Fresh and Friends on 3/23 .

Wanted three scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with fresh ripe mango chunks and pineapple tidbits. Tastes more like that ice cream with fresh mango puree and crushed canned pineapple, but I'm happy with it. I'll call it a work in progress and see how it steeps out.

Swiped The Trinity Vanilla Ice Cream by Eyemakepizza; it's a deeply satisfying shake and vapeable vanilla ice cream base and I never thought to change it.

VT Shisha Mango and FLV Mango. Muah! Perfection. Ripe sweet mango right on top.

The pineapple part was a bit trickier. WF Pineapple Candy is a flavor I opened for the first time today and haven't tried as a single flavor. It smells like a kinder, gentler TFA Pineapple. But I remembered that one of the first things I ever made that I liked when I started mixing was a pineapple ice cream that was mostly TFA Pineapple and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, with a little marshmallow to soften that sharp pineapple. I was advised to use it between 2 and 3% and back it up with another pineapple that would give it some body because it's a bit thin. I first tried it at 2.5% with 0.75% FLV Pineapple, but it tasted like pineapple candy in my ice cream, with some bits of underripe banana as well. This version with the Pineapple Candy down at 2% and swapping out the FLV Pineapple for CAP Golden Pineapple worked much better. I love it so much I set off my smoke alarm sucking it down greedily.

Don't hesitate to give the Trinity Vanilla Ice Cream a try, let Eyemakepizza know what you think, and pile your flavorite fruits or other ice cream toppings on it.

A delicious change of pace mix. A Crispy rainbow sherbet. Closes I have come to a real rainbow sherbet without using a sherbet concentrate. Those are coming soon though. Enjoy!

Inspired by Lilt. I came up with this last autumn, when I wanted summer back in my life, but it’s taken a fair few iterations to get it balanced.

The Aurora is here to add a little carbonated zing to the profile. You could alternatively sub in FW Pink Champagne around 1% for a similar effect, but I like the brightness that Aurora brings here.

Everything else should be self-explanatory. The pineapples offer the main base, playing off the tart grapefruit from Inawera.

It’s good off the shake, but I recommend giving it 4 days for everything to settle together.

I loved Hawaiian punch growing up. I grabbed the TFA Hawaiian drink and it still left something to be desired. When you add a little pineapple and a little juicy orange its perfect to take the edge off of the TFA flavor.

I used Blood Orange (Natural) (FW) - Juicy blend of tropical fruits with a cold kick. All blend in nicely. The orange, tangerine & pineapple take the starring role with the mango sitting underneath..

I said a hip hop
The hippie to the hippie
The hip, hip a hop, and you don't stop a rockin

Just like the song it's light and airy with a slick bass line and when it hits your lips you're fittin to explode.


This is part 3 of a 3 part recipe dump regarding the main flavor Cap Golden Pineapple.
PART 1: Simple Pineapple Cheesecake https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/138490#stupid_simple_pineapple_cheesecake_pineapple_dump_1_3_by_rockyharlow
PART 2: Stupid Simple Pineapple Cookie https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/139363#stupid_simple_pineapple_cookie_pineapple_dump_2_3_by_rockyharlow

I will preface this by saying that I am one of the dammed, sentenced to only taste the most powerful and pure of freshly cracked black pepper from all things rich and vanilla. Otherwise we could take a simple mustard milk approach to this whole shebang and throw together 5% TPA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and 5% CAP Golden Pineapple and be absolutely fine with the outcome. If you don't get pepper and enjoy TPA VBIC, you should definitely give the two flavor approach a shot.

Anyways, rant over, onto the recipe notes.

LB Vanilla Ice Cream is rich, creamy, goodness in a bottle. It has come to a nearly celebrity status in our community as of the last year or so for good reason. It plays well with others, it has a decent mouthfeel, and though respectably flavorful in under 5% concentrations, will not be pushed away by many stronger flavors. To me, there is a distinct eggy note to this concentrate as well, similar to a very faint dairy/butter note in TPA Vanilla Swirl. For these reasons we use this flavor for the base of our Ice Cream role.

That little part about 'decent mouthfeel' may just be me, but LB VIC does seem to be a touch thin. We remedy this by throwing in 2% TPA Vanilla Swirl in to the arena. This bumps texture considerably without taking over and adding too much of a flavor. We get almost a 'chew' from this one, reminding me of a vanilla tootsie-roll-esque type vibe. All Hail The Swirl™ ▲

Our Pineapple is simple. 5% CAP Golden Pineapple is the perfect ratio to balance in the mix, neither taking the wheel nor falling behind. At this percentage we definitely don't find the need to search for the fruit in this mix, nor do we exclusively taste pineapple. The dried fruit vibe off of Golden Pineapple is absolutely killer and the whole inspiration for this triple recipe tie in with Pineapple Cookie, Pineapple Cheesecake, and Pineapple Ice Cream. If for some reason you don't already have this one in your arsenal and it even remotely sounds appetizing to you, do yourself a favor and nab at least a 30ml bottle from your preferred website and get to mixing.

That's it. Thanks for tuning in to this 3 parter.

Pineapple-peach Ice cream. Was inspired to make this as my favourite juice, Handlebar, is no longer available in the UK. Think it still needs a little work, but the pineapple peach mix is pretty close. Sweet fruity inhale with a vanilla ice cream exhale. Good as a SNV but better after a couple days steep (ice cream gets better). Can also be made without sweetener as this candies the pineapple quite a bit.


This is part 2 of a 3 part recipe dump regarding the main flavor Cap Golden Pineapple.
PART 1: Simple Pineapple Cheesecake https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/138490#stupid_simple_pineapple_cheesecake_pineapple_dump_1_3_by_rockyharlow
PART 3: Stupid Simple Pineapple Ice Cream https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/140190#stupid_simple_pineapple_ice_cream_pineapple_dump_3_3_by_rockyharlow
Anyhow, on to part 2.

Running with the theme of pineapple bakeries: I opted to work on a cookie that incorporated chunks of dried pineapple, the style you may find in many generic trail mixes. Chewy, nearly fibrous, with a flavor unique unto itself. The end result here is nearly as close as I am able to come, at least with the resources available to me at the moment.

Our dried pineapple chunks are sourced from CAP Golden Pineapple at 4%. At this level we find pineapple at the top of the mix, but not so overdone that it's all we taste. Any lower and we start to lose the pineapple to the cookie base. While generally potent, I have noticed that CAP Golden Pineapple does have a way of falling out against bakeries.

Our cookie base is a simple one that seems to be much more complex than it should be with only two flavors. 4% CAP Sugar Cookie is our main, soft chewy cookie note here.

1% of FA Cookie adds a “snap” to the mix that emulates the crispy edge of an ever so slightly over-baked cookie. The FA Cookie really rounds the mix out and balances the texture. CAP Golden Pineapple, though its actual flavor is reminiscent of dried pineapple, is a very wet feeling flavor when used at 4%. This is beneficial in tropical recipes but not so much in a warm, fresh baked cookie mix. The FA Cookie essentially dries the wet notes up beautifully, without impacting the actual flavor of Pineapple too much.

Finally, a mild splash of CAP Super Sweet at 0.5% really seals the deal on a light glaze on the finished cookie and almost adds a dusting of granulated sugar to the finished product. The addition of sweetener is totally optional of course, but I find that this is one of those times where a little coil wrecking sweetness really does benefit the whole mix.


This is part 1 of a 3 part recipe dump regarding the main flavor Cap Golden Pineapple. I will post the other two over the next few days and link them all together as I go.
PART 2: Stupid Simple Pineapple Cookie https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/139363#stupid_simple_pineapple_cookie_pineapple_dump_2_3_by_rockyharlow
Ah shit this recipe has more than three flavors, it's probably trash.
PART 3: Stupid Simple Pineapple Ice Cream https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/140190#stupid_simple_pineapple_ice_cream_pineapple_dump_3_3_by_rockyharlow

We stray away from our usual cheesecake base here, instead creating one from the ground up. It suffices for plug and play with many other fruits as well, and I often throw in FW Butter Pecan at 6% in place of the Pineapple to make a pecan pie cheesecake hybrid abomination.

Our cheesecake tone is set with a ubiquitous 4% CAP New York Cheesecake. I say ubiquitous as most of my cheesecake needs are generally met with this 4% of NYC. At this level we get a saturated, velvety layer of thick cheesecake filling. To keep this recipe simple, we don't really need anything else to support this layer.

We develop our graham cracker crust simply, yet effectively with 3% FW Graham Cracker. This stuff is so delicious and easily one of my most reached for bottles when mixing a dessert. In my humble opinion it shits on TPA Graham Cracker Clear in a way that I can't even begin to express with words.

It can't be a pineapple cheesecake without the pineapple aspect, so we chop up some fresh chunks of CAP Golden Pineapple. Adding 5% is sufficient to satisfy the chunked pineapple vibe without getting too overpowering. We want it strong but not coil nuking levels of citrus. If you do notice the pineapple to be a bit overpowering, try knocking it down to 3.5%, maybe 4%, but no lower or I noticed that it really tends to get lost despite being a fairly potent flavor.

The final addition to the mix is FA Meringue at 2%. I am absolutely biased in saying so, but 2% FA Meringue is a welcome addition to nearly any bakery or dessert for me. Here it serves to connect the graham cracker crust to the layer of cheesecake. Without it, the layers tend to stack instead of blend like we want.

Personally, I would skip the sweetener here, as nearly every one of these flavors serve to sweeten on their own accord. The addition of sweetener only serves to muddle, or gray out, the whole recipe.

As cheesecakes tend to go, give this one a nice shake and forget it for an absolute minimum of three business days. The mix would prefer to have you wait a full week to bust into it's deliciousness, but it will forgive you if you cave a little earlier than anticipated.

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